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Wiz Khalifa - mixed Dizzy Reed of Gun's N' Roses - recorded, mixed & mastered 2 Chainz - mixed & mastered The Bangles - recorded, mixed & mastered Future - mixed & mastered Richard Thompson - recorded, mixed & mastered

Listed online mastering rates are Per Song
Bulk prices available - contact for details


$199 per song
(1 stereo beat + 1 mono vocal stem)
$299 per song
(up to 6 stereo stems!)
$349 per song
(up to 8 stereo stems!)

for more than 8 stems,
see my mixing rates


 1-2 free (online) revisions usually included
 Extra revisions may have a small cost
 Revisions made in studio include session rate
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  punk     ?   alternative       ?
  folk     ?   soon       ?
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The media player used above will play 6 decibels quieter than it would if you had the actual file.
I'm using this player because it works on all browsers and all devices.

If you compare my masters with another mastering engineer who is using a flash player, their master will play 6 decibels louder.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Your Songs Mastered


What is Stem Mastering?

Stem mastering is available if you don't have 100% confidence in your mix. By utilizing groups of instruments such as drums, vocals, other instrumentation, etc., stem mastering gives me extra flexibility when adjustments are being made to the overall sound quality of your music. The quality improvement can—in most cases—sound bigger than simply mastered in [two channel] stereo.

To export stems, simply solo the channels you want to bounce into a single stereo stem, export that out, and repeat the process for all other stems until complete. When uploading stems, please be sure to also upload a full stereo mixdown for reference purposes.

1. kick
2. snare/clap or equivalent
3. other drums/percussion
4. bass instrument
5. other instrumentation
6. vocals
If you are unsure how to choose which channels to bounce into 6 stems, the following usually yields quality results, providing lots of big punch, and a very loud master without distortion.

If in doubt as to whether your music will benefit from the quality of stem mastering, you can upload your song and ask for a suggestion. In many situations, simply getting your mix mastered in stereo will be fine.

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How should I prepare my music to get mastered online?

Turn off any multiband compression, limiting, clipping, or maximizer processing on your final master/mixbus group channel before exporting your music. If you have a single-band buss compressor or EQ that is essential to your sound, you can leave that on. Make sure you aren't clipping 0dB output. WAV 32 bit float files are my preferred format, but 24 bit WAV files are acceptable. All sample rates are supported, but please let me know what sample rate was used to avoid confusion. If you need any help at all with preparing your songs to get mastered online, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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How long will it take to get my track(s) mastered & available for download online?

It depends on how busy I am, but I work fast. I can usually get your masters uploaded online within a day or two after you buy them.

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What type of audio file(s) will I receive?

I generally provide masters as 44.1kHz, 16bit dithered, WAV files. If you need any other audio formats, such as MP3, 24bit WAV, or 48kHz, I can provide those as well.

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If I would like a physical CD, how long will it take to receive it?

Generally, if you are in the United States, it should take less than one week after you listen to the masters online and confirm that you are pleased with them. If you are located in another country, it could take longer. Please be sure to ask for a master CD if you would like one, otherwise it will be assumed that you only want downloadable masters online. Master CD's may have an additional fee.

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What's the difference between online mixing and online mastering services?

There is a lot of understandable confusion between getting a song mixed, and getting a song mastered—which starts with the titles. By name alone, mixing might seem like a simple blend of sounds, and getting mastered might seem like the perfection. Unfortunately, this perception is incorrect. Mixing involves all of the elements of a song (also referred to as multitrack mixing), which allows for a complete and complex transformation. Before the mastering process, professional quality mixing is usually needed to make sure mastering can provide a powerful, high quality, radio ready sound associated with music usually reserved for the major labels.

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How does the mastering that's included with mixing compare to mastering by itself?

TIP: Mixing greatly affects how well a piece of music can be mastered. Not only will the mixing + mastering service give you more than just getting your song(s) mastered—when your music is mixed by a professional mix engineer, the audio will be mixed in a manner that allows the mastering process to obtain even greater clarity and volume than simply getting mastered is able to do on its own. Mixing + Mastering is the best way to be certain that your music will sound professional, thick, loud, and competitive with commercial quality recordings, giving you that huge sound you've always wanted.

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How (or where) do I buy your mastering service to get my songs mastered?

When you sign up for an account, you will be sent an email that contains information about your account, and how to buy. If you prefer to upload your music first, you will also find a "buy now" button at the bottom of the page after you log in. Alternatively, you can buy a mastering service by clicking here.

Mastering will take place after your payment is made.

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How do I use the "Bill Me Later" option?

Proceed to purchase and click "buy now" or "make payment." You will then be taken to a PayPal checkout page. Under "choose a way to pay" you will find two options: "pay with my PayPal account" and "pay with a debit, credit card, or Bill Me Later" - simply choose the later.

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Author: Dan Duskin

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